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Moutere River Company Ltd

The specialist traders in horticultural propagation materials - Sphagnum Moss, Pine Bark

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Ecology teaches us that plants are individualistic in their requirements for the physical characteristics of the media within which their roots are established. An ideal balance of the physical and chemical environment achieves optimum growth in plants.

Moutere River Company offers a range of substrates for soil-less plant production which optimise air-filled capacity, moisture retention and nutrient transfer.

Please take time to read through our range of products which, in addition to propagation materials, includes mulches, landscaping materials, potting mixes, peat moss and other garden related products. Almost all of our products are sold in bulk for shipment in 20 foot or 40 foot containers.

If you require any further information, we can be contacted at admin@moutere.com


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All forms of growing media including sphagnum moss, peat moss, pine bark, decor bark, orchid bark, potting mixes, and Zeolite.